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Children's Dental Services

Children's Dental Services

Our dentists in Regina focus on preventive care for kids and the important role it plays in keeping their developing smiles healthy.

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Children's Dental Services, Regina Dentist

Positive Experiences for Lifelong Oral Health

Our dentists love working with kids and want them to feel comfortable during dental appointments. Some children may find the visit overwhelming, but the good news is that we have ways to help them feel relaxed!

When children feel nervous at the dentist's office, it's often because they don't understand what is happening. During your child's appointment, we will tell them all about what we're doing and walk them through the steps in kid-friendly terms. This includes telling them about the tools we use and how we use them to clean and examine their teeth and gums.

Regular visits to the dentist at a young age can help establish life-long oral hygiene habits, as they make going to the dentist and taking care of their teeth part of your child's normal routine. This is vital because daily at-home care and routine exams are essential in keeping teeth strong and healthy.

It's our mission to get our young patients off to a great start with their oral health.

Creating a Comfortable Environment for Children

We do everything to make your child’s dental experience positive. We ask them about themselves and turn on their favourite TV show above the chair. We aim to create an environment your child will be happy to return to.

Preventive Dental Hygiene for Kids

Bringing your child to the dentist for regular exams and cleanings will help preserve the primary teeth until they are ready to be replaced by permanent teeth. For many children, the flavoured fluoride rinse at the end of their cleaning is the highlight of their visit. Once the treatment is complete, your dental assistant will discuss at-home care and treatment options.

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Restorative Dental Services for Kids

Some children are at a higher risk of developing tooth decay, cavities, or misalignment issues. If these issues affect your child, the dentist may recommend restorative treatments such as dental fillings and crowns. These treatments will repair any damage that has already occurred and strengthen the teeth to prevent future complications.

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Children's Dental Services, Regina Dentist

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